2 Tier Affiliate Programs

2 Tier Affiliate Programs structure allow webmaster to earn commission for their sales as well as conversions of webmasters they refer to the affiliate program. In a 2 tier affiliate program or a multi tier affiliate program the first tier commission or payout is the same defined by the affiliate network. The only difference is affiliate marketers earn commission by recruiting sub-affiliates and when their sub-affiliates or down-line generate sale they get paid their tier 2 percent.

2 Tier Affiliate Programs are beneficial to the affiliate network because they attract webmasters to join their network and webmasters promote affiliate network to earn commission from their down-line or sub-affiliates. 2 tier commission structure can differ within different networks. There are several best affiliate networks which allow affiliate to earn 2-5% from their sub-affiliates.

Take a look at few 2 tier affiliate programs :

  • AZoogle - Leading affiliate network allows publishers to earn up to 2% from their sub-affiliate sales. AZoogle has in-house tier 2 tracking and they offers various promotional material to their affiliates.
  • Dandingo - is the growing affiliate network, pays publisher up to 5% for their sub-affiliate sales. Dandingo use hasoffers software to track their sales and clicks.
  • Glispa - the biggest international affiliate network has good 2 tier affiliate program and pays publishers 2% from their down-line. They also pay $2 per valid application submitted by publisher.
  • MorningFalls - is the growing affiliate network and also has 2 tier affiliate program to pay affiliate 2% from their sub-affiliates earnings.

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Affiliate Marketing is a marketing practice in which affiliate get paid to promote advertisers offers. Affiliate programs are easy way to monetize your website traffic or to earn more money by purchasing advertisements on high traffic websites.

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