Earn $80 Per Free Referral – Adult Affiliate Network

Clickcash : World largest adult affiliate network, now offers huge referral bonus for affiliates. Affiliates can earn up to $80 per free sign up. You also earn a 10% "override" on ClickCash sales commissions earned by webmasters you recruit to ClickCash. For example, if you recruit a webmaster to ClickCash, and he earns $1,000 a week in iFriends signup commissions, you collect an extra $100 per week -- 10% -- on top of your own iFriends commissions.

But it doesn't stop there. You also collect 10% overrides on webmaster referral commissions from the webmasters that your webmaster recruits, and the webmasters that those webmasters recruit, and so on and so on, into infinity.

EXAMPLE: Webmaster A refers Webmaster B to ClickCash, Webmaster B in turn refers Webmasters C, D and E. Webmaster A earns a 10% commission on Webmaster B's commissions, and also earns 10% referral commissions on the webmaster commissions of webmasters C, D and E. Webmaster B, meanwhile, earns 10% sales commissions on Webmaster C, D and E's sales. If Webmasters C, D and E recruit their own webmasters, all of the webmasters above the new referrals (A, B, C, D and E in this case) will receive overrides on the "downline" recruits.

Adult Affiliate Network, new mean to generate huge money

Adult Affiliate Programs are goldmine for affiliates. Unique in both their diverse nature and ability to consistently attract and convert traffic, our sites appeal to general and niche markets alike. While trying affiliate programs, many affiliates like to choose adult affiliate programs due to its flexibility and payout schedule. Adult affiliate programs are easy to promote and there are huge adult audience who daily search for various products and videos.

If we are able to provide them what they want then someone will earn huge money by serving various adult offers to them.

Some of the great Adult Affiliate Networks are :

  • Adult Friend Finder - Earn more with our $75 per member order payout program offer on Adult FriendFinder. There are no minimum traffic requirements, and no special promotional days.
  • Cams.com - On Cams.com, make up to $130 for every premium member sign-up on our Per Member Order! That means your earnings are based on the total number of orders you receive, so the more orders you get, the higher the payout per order! Make up to $130 per order for Cams.com
  • FastCupid - FastCupid.com has been completely redesigned with a stylish new layout, an open-ended affiliate program and an even more fantastic user experience! As the premiere hub for dozens of co-branded personals running on today's major news, commentary, and satire web pages, this site can help you target a whole new audience and open up a brand new revenue stream! With signups up 25% since the redesign, it's easier than ever to stimulate high conversions and even greater profits for you! You also have the same convenient payment options, including Epassporte, Payoneer, Wire and Paypal. With competitive payout plans, we have options that make it easy for you to bring in the cash as you send in the traffic! Make up to 40% on initial and recurring orders and up to $1.00 per member sign-up! We also offer $30.00 per initial order, regardless of the purchase amount, and a lucrative Broker Program, where you can earn an extra 10% when other affiliates sign up under your broker ID! Moreover, we supply you with original and exceptional promotional tools consisting of a plethora of standard-sized banners for you to choose from.

Other Adult Affiliate Networks -

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Asia FriendFinder
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