ClickRover Affiliate Network Review

Click Rover set out 4 years ago to change the face of the affiliate marketing world.  Starting with a small group of  closest partners, both advertisers and publishers alike, they started what is now a thriving public affiliate network. ClickRover was private for most of that time, working solely with trusted partners in an effort to alleviate the hassles of the affiliate industry as a whole.

Today, they are public, and hosting some of the best publishers and advertisers that the world has to offer.  Their team works hands on with any client that needs it.  Helping you perform is their number 1 priority no matter what it takes.  Whether it be in depth customer acquisition through analyzing data for hours at a time in order to target your offers better, or simply helping one of our publishers design a custom creative that scores the big numbers with his audience.

Click Rover works directly with advertisers so that they can bring some of the highest payouts in the industry, collecting offers based on current trends, performance data, and by the request of publishers.  They believe that in order to perform, they must supply the tools that work, and by listening to each and everyone that is a member of  network. Click Rover is here to stay, they are dedicated players in the affiliate marketing industry and boast a level of integrity that is frankly hard to find elsewhere.

For Affiliates :

  • Leading edge reporting tools, customizable API features, and 3rd party pixel placement.
  • carry the best offers.

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CPAWay Affiliate Network Review

CPAway is a performance marketing affilate network, built on a rock solid foundation of integrity and honesty. If you are looking for campaigns to promote on your website, help fill existing ad inventory, or need help driving traffic to one of your websites, CPAway is for you! CPAway Inc is a Florida based affiliate marketing company, and our goal is to provide high quality service with everything we do.

CPAway was founded by a group of online performance based marketers, and has built their own in house tracking software to provide you with the statistical data you require for your campaigns. CPAway also has over 200 in house exclusive offers, where we are the agency of record. We are trusted by many partners to provide them with the data, tracking, and leads they require. PAway caters to affiliates, advertisters, and publishers alike. Regardless if you are new to affiliate marketing or a veteran, you will receive the same high quality treatment from us. We are here for you to succeed. After all, we only make money if you're making money.

CPAway delivers the highest converting campaigns with the industries best payouts. We have over 1000 campaigns live in our platform at any time.

Why Use CPAway?

  • Create revenue through your website by running our top converting campaigns
  • Fast, Friendly, and Quality support
  • Sub-id tracking and exporting
  • On-time NET 30 Payments + Weekly Net 7 Available for Super Affiliates
  • Earn more money through referral commission and affiliate contests.

Contact Information:

CPAway, Inc
18741 Titus Road
Hudson, FL 34667

phone: (727) 264 0291
toll-free: (866)-836-7889
fax: (727) 264 0278

Email Contact:,

YeahCPA Exclusive Affiliate Network with Bi-Weekly Payout

Do you ever dream Big? YeahCPA is a fastest growing flat rate CPA network with more than 1150 live and exclusive offers. YeahCPA is always looking to pioneer industry growth by working with the industry’s top networks. YeahCPA works with both full-service performance networks and more traditional banner networks. YeahCPA claims to be one of the selective network which offer best payout and quality campaigns. They have highly educated affiliate managers who are available 24/7 to help their affiliates.

Affiliates Can Expect:

  • Top Campaigns - Because YeahCPA only accept serious affilates after we contact their managers at other networks, industry leading advertisers consistently provide Yeah CPA with top campaigns with top payouts. At YeahCPA you will have access to hundreds of leading, exclusive offers. If you want to run some offers, we can get them for you in 3 business days and beat the payout you can get from other networks!
  • Guaranteed Highest Payout - YeahCPA guarantees its publishers the highest payouts in the industry. We do not play the game of payout. As long as you are part of YeahCPA, you get the highest payout.
  • On-time Payments - YeahCPA will work with its publishers to find the best payment plan for each individual. Our standard payment term is bi-weekly, sure publishers can apply for weekly payouts and select from several payment methods. And, you will always get your money.
  • Experts Support - Yeah CPA is committed to building long-lasting relationships with its partners. We will try to help you earn more money.
  • Tier 2 program - Make more money by referring your friends and other affiliates and make more money. You will earn 3% from your referred affiliates.

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Tatto Media Affiliate Network Review

Nowadays, There is a ton of competition amongst the affiliate networks. And the latest affiliate network is Tatto Media. Tatto Media claims to be quickly growing and high quality ad serving affiliate network. I have reviewed their system and really they have some nice paying offers gathered under various categories. Tatto Media was founded back in 2005 and now they have their own affiliate tracking system and they are ranked in TOP 40 in top ad networks.


Tatto Media offers some high class features like real-time tracking, self serve system with exclusive offers and superb support. Tatto Media pay weekly to their affiliates. So, If you are looking for weekly-payments then Tatto Media is most suitable network for you.

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