Get Paid To Play Games

Is it possible to get paid to play games? Definitely yes, You will get paid to play games. There are many advertisers who want addictive gamers and they are ready to pay them cash or other gifts. If you like to play games online in your spare time, you can also get paid for playing games online.

These sites are, and If you are searching for similar sites be sure to read reviews.

Inbox Dollars pays its members between 1 cent and 10 cents per e-mail read, 5 cents to 10 cents per free game played, and up to $4 for each online survey panel that members join. The average payment is 2 cents per e-mail. New members get $5 when they join and get another $5 for every friend they refer to the program.

Members can also earn more by winning the games. Although you will not get rich by doing such stuffs but it's pleasure to make money from your hobby.

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