Gamorama – Earn $1.75 Per Lead (International)

Affiliates, Do you have huge Gaming traffic?... Then this offer is perfect for you. Gamorama offers highest payout per lead and user needs to download the game to convert the CPL. Gamorama accepts world-wide traffic hence worth to try. This offer convert very well with Pay Per View (CPV) traffic if done well.

About Gamorama: Gamorama offers different types of PC and Online games which are free and paid. Gamorama doesn't have in-house affiliate program but the affiliate program can be found at Glispa. So, if you like to promote Gamorama then you should join Glispa Performance Network.

Best Of Luck...!

Best Affiliate Programs

Cashburners - Cashburners offers huge list of top converting offers with guaranteed commission. It has top adult offers which pays up to 50% commission after sale. They also has good affiliate program and they offer $1 per free member affiliate refer.

Adjal - Newest and best affiliate network, which has more than 1000 campaigns which pays high. They also has good pay per lead offers. Now, make more money with easy offers. They have plenty of email submit and zip submit offers. Adjal has only $1 minimum payout.

CPALead - Another great affiliate program, which pays good amount per offer done. There are many survey campaigns and plenty of international offers.

How To Make Money From Affiliate Programs?

Affiliate programs are the great way to generate steady income from your website by generating leads and sales. Now, How to make money from affiliate programs...? Before making money from affiliate programs, we will discuss some SEO task to promote our affiliate business properly.

SEO before promoting affiliate programs -

  • Chose your low competitive niche and sort top search volume keywords but with low competition.
  • Check your content frequency with your website content and keywords.
  • Remember, Content is always the king, so make your content unique and targeted with your business.
  • Now, get rank for those keyword phrase by bookmarking, article submitting and sending pings to search engines
  • RSS feed is the best atom distributing tool to spread your content to various directories.

I think, above mentioned steps are enough before promoting your affiliate programs.

Now, chose your affiliate program with top affiliate networks like CJ, Clickbank and Hydra where many lead and sale offers are available for various topics. After choosing your favorite affiliate program, grab your promotional materials like banner, text link and email text. Place your affiliate program's promotional material at your website where your visitors offently click you pages or ads.

If you have good traffic at your niche or website, you can easily generate more leads per day, As there many pay per lead affiliate programs which pay up to $5 per lead.


Pay per click advertising is the best way to generate more money by converting traffic into lead. All you need is to sort and collect proper keywords at your advertising network like Google Adwords. First set your bid high and promote yous campaign with targeted traffic and then lower the bid when your campaign is getting massive hits.

Affiliate Programs

The world of affiliate marketing is full of opportunity. There are very few jobs in life that take such little effort that can lead to such big rewards. But as is the case with most jobs, what you put into it will closely reflect what you get out of it. So, how can you maximize your time as well as your dollars?

What is Affiliate Marketing?
Quick Internet advertising and the most popular one of the most effective form of affiliate marketing has been done before. Affiliate marketing is very simple and basic. Company, eBay, and your site, banner, or links to sites and auction site eBay is the place to say. EBay all the time when the user clicks the banner and visit the site, the owner of the original site gets a commission. It's that easy. Music for the 1994 introduction of the history of affiliate marketing goes site. To direct traffic to other Internet sites for the site first got to know most people will pay this much. Internet giant soon, most associated with affiliate marketing is done to the site I got you. Of essentially all major sites in the world today, affiliate marketing is done through practice.

Why affiliate marketing?
So completely has proved popular performance based affiliate marketing which is one reason. Internet traffic in most cases long-promotion ads that have no evidence as to the site, the company in the ad, your ad is a page that is not much money. However, affiliate marketing, there are other ways.
Some ads are based on the number of sites, but the host is not based on your site through a link to visit the link to the existing IP that this "was a number of advertising." With things such as travel and a series of anything with the logo on your website to be a problem, even if they take this the wrong way, they say that there did not know how to travel. Only if other methods of affiliate marketing links, and the payment of any kind involved in the deal opens. To attract the attention of the average Internet user in most cases that is hosting the site with a link to it, follow the link, and it's still something to buy to fill one or the form will be sueopseup. Traditional methods for the payment of the fee to host your site, every time is the IP address of the original. The case of affiliate marketing for the site, just a few years of the most profitable is the way to drive traffic. In most cases, all advertisers benefit from the start because the host key of the future on how to affiliate marketing ads will not be reason to believe there.