ClickRover Affiliate Network Review

Click Rover set out 4 years ago to change the face of the affiliate marketing world.  Starting with a small group of  closest partners, both advertisers and publishers alike, they started what is now a thriving public affiliate network. ClickRover was private for most of that time, working solely with trusted partners in an effort to alleviate the hassles of the affiliate industry as a whole.

Today, they are public, and hosting some of the best publishers and advertisers that the world has to offer.  Their team works hands on with any client that needs it.  Helping you perform is their number 1 priority no matter what it takes.  Whether it be in depth customer acquisition through analyzing data for hours at a time in order to target your offers better, or simply helping one of our publishers design a custom creative that scores the big numbers with his audience.

Click Rover works directly with advertisers so that they can bring some of the highest payouts in the industry, collecting offers based on current trends, performance data, and by the request of publishers.  They believe that in order to perform, they must supply the tools that work, and by listening to each and everyone that is a member of  network. Click Rover is here to stay, they are dedicated players in the affiliate marketing industry and boast a level of integrity that is frankly hard to find elsewhere.

For Affiliates :

  • Leading edge reporting tools, customizable API features, and 3rd party pixel placement.
  • carry the best offers.

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