AdultAccessNow Launched…

Adult Webmaster, Relax and Join, AdultAccessNow is officially launched and accepting new affiliates to help them to make money. Adult Affiliates don't worry about the advertisers. AdultAccessNow is specially designed for adult webmasters and it's the another network from, Which helps you to monetize your adult traffic and convert your visits into high paying leads.

AdultAccessNow is the first Adult-based Ad Network that allows you to monetize your Premium Adult Content with a Monetization Widget. Many publishers earn on average around 30 cents a click. So, it's a unique opportunity make some handsome money with adult traffic. A Monetization Widget is a small fully customizable overlay that appears ontop of the webpage of your choice asking for your user to participate in a survey to access your Premium Adult Content. Your Premium Adult Content could be a free one day pass to your website, access to a single video, special membership, or any other type of reward that you feel would motivate your use to complete a Survey.

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