Making Money Online – Complete Guide For Dummies

By: Ram Gunjal,
When it comes to money, we all know that they are never enough, if we aren’t somehow related with Bill Gates or the Rockefeller family. Nowadays, the ultimate solution for the money problem is definitely this one: making money online.

How is this possible? There are some methods that will be described in the following lines.

Fist of all, the easiest way of making money online is to join and work on a PTC site. These PTC –paid-to-click- sites give the worker an amount of money each time the worker clicks on one ad. Also, the worker can bring referrals on the site and earn some money from their work. Though, PTC sites are just for beginners, or just people willing not to spend so much time in making money online.

Another way of making money online involves a little bit more work: article writing. Becoming an article writer is easy, though, it involves some work. But article writing is way better paid than working on a PTC site. An usual rate is $1/100 words. This means that the writers could easily earn more than $1000 per month. They only have to get as much work as they can, without copying the content from somewhere else, and also, they have to research a little bit, in order to offer quality content in their articles.

The third most common way of making money online is by creating an online blog and installing a monetization program on it –Google Adsense, Yahoo Publisher are some examples of monetization programs. This means that each time a visitor on that specific blog will click on one ad, the owner of the blog will receive a small amount of money. The good part is that the most popular blogs earn about $10000 dollars per month and maybe even more.

Making money online is not so easy as it seems. Though, if the workers spends time and effort, the money won’t hesitate to appear.

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Best Affiliate Programs

Cashburners - Cashburners offers huge list of top converting offers with guaranteed commission. It has top adult offers which pays up to 50% commission after sale. They also has good affiliate program and they offer $1 per free member affiliate refer.

Adjal - Newest and best affiliate network, which has more than 1000 campaigns which pays high. They also has good pay per lead offers. Now, make more money with easy offers. They have plenty of email submit and zip submit offers. Adjal has only $1 minimum payout.

CPALead - Another great affiliate program, which pays good amount per offer done. There are many survey campaigns and plenty of international offers.

How To Make Money From Affiliate Programs?

Affiliate programs are the great way to generate steady income from your website by generating leads and sales. Now, How to make money from affiliate programs...? Before making money from affiliate programs, we will discuss some SEO task to promote our affiliate business properly.

SEO before promoting affiliate programs -

  • Chose your low competitive niche and sort top search volume keywords but with low competition.
  • Check your content frequency with your website content and keywords.
  • Remember, Content is always the king, so make your content unique and targeted with your business.
  • Now, get rank for those keyword phrase by bookmarking, article submitting and sending pings to search engines
  • RSS feed is the best atom distributing tool to spread your content to various directories.

I think, above mentioned steps are enough before promoting your affiliate programs.

Now, chose your affiliate program with top affiliate networks like CJ, Clickbank and Hydra where many lead and sale offers are available for various topics. After choosing your favorite affiliate program, grab your promotional materials like banner, text link and email text. Place your affiliate program's promotional material at your website where your visitors offently click you pages or ads.

If you have good traffic at your niche or website, you can easily generate more leads per day, As there many pay per lead affiliate programs which pay up to $5 per lead.


Pay per click advertising is the best way to generate more money by converting traffic into lead. All you need is to sort and collect proper keywords at your advertising network like Google Adwords. First set your bid high and promote yous campaign with targeted traffic and then lower the bid when your campaign is getting massive hits.

How To Make Money From Blogging

Many novice bloggers are unaware that you can make some major money from blogging. There are some people that make up to $1,000 a month by simply blogging. It is actually possible to make money from blogging in your spare time. There are even professional bloggers that make an entire living from blogging everyday. Nothing beats blogging from the comfort of your home and getting paid to do it. It is one of the most sought after at-home jobs that many people overlook. Majority of bloggers blog everyday just for fun and do not get paid for it. There is a good amount of money to be made by blogging. You too can make money by blogging. There are five popular sites that are known to pay bloggers to blog. These sites can help make a blogger a nice extra income if they diligently pursue their blogging on a regular basis and according to each of the individual sites's guidelines and policies. The most popular of the five sites is They give bloggers many open opportunities to blog about various products and advertisements on their personal blog. The other four popular money making blog sites for bloggers is,,, and Joining any of these widely known sites will help you to make money from blogging.

There are many different ways to make money from blogging and benefit from a successful blog. The first important tip to follow if you really want to make money from your blog is to make sure you have the proper title. Having the wrong title or improper title that conflicts with your blogs content can damage your ability to make money from your blog. Be sure to use a title that is catchy but properly coins the point of the blog. If your blog is about dogs it should mention that in the title or directly refer to it in some way. Your title should always be clear and concise. This is vital if you wish to make money with your blog. The second tip to make money with your blog is to double check your information. You can not have any errors in your blog if you wish to make money. Your blog should have accurate information for your readers. It also makes your blog more difficult to find and search through if there is too many incorrect spellings. The third tip to make money with your blog is blog often. You must be persistant with your blogging if you want to make some serious money doing it. You should blog at least once a day or more. You need to build up a fan base of people that enjoy reading your daily posts. It is the secret to a money making blog. The fourth tip to make money from blogging is to keep what your are writing about rich in content but to the point. You do not want to babble on and on losing your readers interest. Quality content is the key to making money from blogging. You have to draw readers to your blog daily to generate money.