How to Make $1000 Per Month using Hosting Affiliate Program

I am not going to present you the saturated methods to make money using hosting affiliate program. This one is proven and my friend 'Jay' already benefiting from it. I have asked Jay, to share his proven method to make at least $1000 per month. Jay has neither advertised his business nor he is willing to purchase costly clicks from Google. So, What exactly he is doing...?

First, we will take a look at some hosting affiliate programs. There are few recommended hosting affiliate programs which pay more than $100 per sale or customer you refer to hosting provider. Hostgator is one of them and well-know hosting provider and has in-house as well as third party affiliate program. My friend Jay - promoting Hostgator affiliate program through CJ pays $100 per sale you give to Hostgator. You can find more hosting affiliate programs within the affiliate networks.

Now, the question is How to generate sale?

Yeah, that's the most important part in this story. What will happen if you advertise your hosting business offline? Will it work? Off course, It will. Jay is advertising his hosting business on FREE classified sites as well as on some newspapers. So that, He is offering FREE ready made websites for everyone and when someone wants FREE ready made websites then He/She must have hosting and domain. So, He is just referring interesting customers to the providers and he earning good commission. You can also advertise (promote) your web-design business on various forums and ask people to purchase hosting though your affiliate link. I know, You are not a web-designers but you can learn How to build high class wordpress blog and it will definitely work. You can easily generate 10 sales per month and that is $1000 in your pocket per month. There are also some unadvertised tactics like promoting your FREE ready-made website site with social medias like Facebook, You tube and many more. All you want is targeted people and if you are giving anything FREE that will grab people's attention.