The Benefits of Using Mobile Marketing

You should use mobile marketing because there are many benefits in using it for your business’ product or service. If you are still planning to put up a business, incorporating mobile marketing in your business plan could expand the potential market reach of your brand. Besides cellular phones, mobile marketing can reach other mobile devices that can connect to the Internet such as notebook and handheld PCs, netbooks, smartbooks, personal digital assistants, and Ultra-Mobile PCs. However, short message service (SMS) for cellular phones is still the most common and popular format to deliver mobile marketing.

That is why cellphones are the largest market for mobile marketing campaigns. Some of the advantages/benefits of  mobile marketing:

•It creates a cost-effective and efficient marketing promotion campaigns in a short period.
• It can reach a wider audience and unlimited geographical area, and greatly increase your market share with no additional costs or effort on your part.
• It creates a much longer and loyal relationship with your customers. In addition, mobile marketing can retain your existing customers while it can also attract new paying customers.
• It can penetrate the huge cellular phone market in the United States or abroad. Mobile marketing could create awareness of your brand without the need to spend huge funds on large and traditional advertising campaigns.
• It can integrate innovative and groundbreaking forms of advertising and promotion together with traditional advertising and promotion strategies. Moreover, you do not need a large capital to fund mobile advertising.
• It reaches customers wherever they are and even at different time zones. It will give you an efficient communication link to your customers.