pay per click affiliate programs

Pay Per Click publisher programs pays affiliates on ad clicked by their visitors. There are many pay per click networks. Some networks pays up to $15 per ad clicked. Just put ad unit code on your site and embed it with your content to earn more money. Try our trusted pay per click campaigns....

Adsense - Google's powerful ad network which pays on click generated by your visitors. There are many high paying keywords which gives publishers up to $15 per click. Google Adsense Scerets
Bidvertiser - Publishers banned by Google Adsense can try bidvertiser which has good ad serving network and pays also good amount to their publishers.
Adbrite - Is also good publisher network which serve good advertisements and pays up to 5 cent per click.
PayPopUp - is a CPM network which pays on pop up generated by your webpage and pays on 1000 visits. PayPopUp is good for high traffic sites and easy to earn $50 per day with good sites.
Advertising365 - another CPM network which pays on pop up generated by visits.