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pay per lead affiliate programs

Pay Per Lead are the affiliate programs which pays referrer on a particular action. Pay Per Lead programs are free to join and give more money to webmasters. Below is the list of trusted  high paying pay per lead affiliate programs...

Clickbooth - contains more pay per lead and pay per sale campaigns. Offers a good conversion ratio and guaranteed pay their publishers. Earn up to $350 per lead. free to join and pay through checks and paypal
More Niche - is a leading affiliate network which mainly contains gambling and health products. There are many pay per lead campaigns also which pays up to $2 per free sign up. free to join and pay through paypal, checks. 
Link Share - good affiliate program with more than 100 pay per lead and pay per sale offers. earn up to $5 per lead. many free to join offers and better click through campaign rates.
Shaadi - indian matrimonial affiliate program pays $0.50 per free sign up you refer. Shaadi.com pays their affiliates through checks. Good click through rate.
Clickcash - adult affiliate program which pays up to $50 per free sign up you refer. Credit card required to join but they don't charge you penny. Earn big cash with Clickcash affiliate program contains many adult campaigns and web cam affiliate programs.
Axill - is reputed affiliate program which has many easy campaigns. very good conversion ratio and contains many pay per click and pay per lead campaigns.
Adcommunal - is a pharmacy related affiliate program and contains many pay per lead offer which pays up to $5 per free sign up you refer.
Dark Blue - is a n Australian affiliate network which has many pay per lead and pay per sale offers. earn $0.50 per free sign up.
Rev Response - contains newsletter affiliate programs and easy offers.