RankPay Review – Is it a Scam?

What is RankPay?

RankPay is a company that offers SEO services to online marketers. RankPay stands out from their competitors by their unique selling proposition. They will only charge you only if you get your site ranked. Most SEO companies don’t guarantee you anything because the search engines are very competitive and things are always changing.

There are many companies that promise results when it comes to SEO. Most of these companies have you investing a retainer fee and charge you thousands as the service is ongoing. RankPay does things very differently. You start out by entering your site and the keywords you want to rank for. Their unique system will calculate a fee across the first 3 pages.

You’ll get back the monthly searches across Google, Yahoo, and Bing. You’ll also see the SEO opportunity and the prices for rank 30-21, 20-11, 10-7, 6-4, and the top 3. The prices are more expensive (per month) the higher rank they achieve for you. If your site falls under the top 30 search, you don’t have to pay for their services.

After you enter your desired keywords, you’ll also get a big list of related keywords in the bottom. You can add these keywords to your account and check out the prices. If you like what you see, you can move forward and create an account. Simply enter your credit card on file and they will start working on your site.

What’s really great about RankPay is that you start to pay as you rank. As you know, it can take weeks or months to rank for certain keywords. With most companies, you’ll have to start paying them despite the fact that you haven’t even started ranking yet. RankPay will start charging you as soon as you start ranking in the top 30 or higher.

RankPay uses many different link building strategies such as directory submissions, article distribution, links put in networks, links placed on blogs, as well as web 2.0 methods. They also have pretty solid customer support and you can contact them via email, chat, or by phone.

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