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Wigix.com provides an alternative to E-Bay to sell and buy stuffs online.

Buyers :

Never Overpay Again
With Wigix's live pricing history, you know exactly how much the previous buyer paid so you'll never overpay for a product.

Structured Catalog
Our catalog is set up so you can easily find the product you are looking for. Plus, you'll be able to locate all the sellers from one product page. Stop sifting to find the best deal. Find it easily on Wigix.

Premier Product Destination
We have an extensive product catalog that includes user manuals, videos, reviews, blogs and more - all targeted to help you make the right purchase decision.

Sellers :

No Listing Fees! No Transaction Fees!
Have thousands of items to sell? List them all on Wigix for FREE. And pay no final value fees for items below $25.
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Make More from Each Sale
Why pay more for each sale you make? Wigix helps sellers keep more of their profits. Whether you are a power seller or just have one item to sell, you'll make more selling on Wigix.

Open a Free Store
With unique features, such as Shelves and Smart Shelves, Storefront owners can easily and quickly build, track and categorize their store inventory that allows their customers to effortlessly find and buy items.

Easy Listing
Search for the product you are selling, hit the "Sell" button, enter in a little information and you're done! It's easy listing items within the Wigix catalog.

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